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Where do I start?


Where does the word 'Ensembling' come from?

It's a contraction of ensemble and assembling pronounced [ahn-sahm-bling].

I logged in but I can't see anything useful

Normally you'll see one or more project folders. You do have to be assigned to a project to work on it, however. Each project has a manager who can do this, so you need to talk to them.
If you still can't see your project, it may be that you were they assigned you using one email address but you logged in with another. In this case, just change your email address by clicking on on the menu in the top row of buttons. If you want to use the original address for emails from the project, change it back again once you've confirmed the one you are known to the project as. More…

Why can't I copy text from the pages

The pages of a document are displayed as images or pictures, so in the same way that text on a billboard appearing in a photograph can't be copied, the text on pages can't be either. However, you can get the text: you can either download the original document using download, or get the text (including picture captions) without any formatting or layout using on the menu.

How do I copy the text of a picture caption?

Use on the menu.

Ho do I edit the document I'm looking at?

Ensembling isn't itself an editor. To change a document you would download it using the button, use an appropriate program to make changes (Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop for example) and then upload the new version using . However, you can edit plain text and formatted text using .

I changed my email address

Click on on the menu in the top row of buttons. More…

I've got more than one email address

You can use any of your email addresses to login but we need you to nominate one to receive emails from us, and more importantly to identify which projects you can work on. If your project managers have assigned you to different projects with different email addresses, you can either

How do I stop being logged out if I go for lunch?

Tick (check) the box on the login screen or the form which verifies your email address. Or once logged in click on on the menu in the top right and tick the appropriate box.

Why can't I see a command?

You may have seen a command referred to which you can't find. This is probably because your assigned rôle does not allow you to use it. Background… Who can do what…

What do the various icons mean?

See the index.

I can't see what's on the page - the comment markers are in the way

What's about Word 2007/2010's .docx format files?

Yes, they are supported.

I want to add a folder full of files from my computer

lets you add more than one file at once. If you zip your folder and upload the zip file it will be unpacked when it arrives. To zip files in a folder, use one of the many (free) zip programs, or the one built in to Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7. You can also choose not to unzip automatically and then it later.

How do I know who my colleagues are?

Click on in the top row of buttons.

How can I get in touch with a colleague?

Click on in the top row of buttons. However, some people may not have chosen to reveal their email address.

I forgot the URL/email address I need to send to people for published documents or dead letterboxes

Click the Published button published
button or Dead Letterbox indicator dead letterbox button. You can copy and paste it from there or have it sent to you by email. More about publishing…

How do I send people a link to a document?

Oops, I deleted a folder or document by mistake.

You can recover items from the Deleted Items folder before they are permanently deleted:
If you ignored all the dire warnings about not deleting things permanently in the first place, sorry, there's nothing we can do.

Oops, I superseded the wrong document

If you added a file as a later version of the wrong document, you can:
  • delete it. Just choose to delete the most recent version rather than the whole document when asked, using (on the menu).
  • transfer it to the correct document:
    • just the document you want to transfer the version from
    • go to the document where it is wanted
    • the newest version
    • choose the 'selected' tab.

How do I move stuff from one folder to another?

When looking at the folder containing the item you want to move, if you can see the name of folder you want to put an item in, you can drag its thumbnail over the name of the target folder.
Or you can use selection, like this:

Oops I forgot to add a caption when I uploaded an image

Use and click the add caption tab to make a new version with a caption. If there is a caption already you can amend it.

How do I add new people to a project?

on the menu. But only project leaders can do this.

How do find out whether someone is watching?

Watches send email when something changes. The form (on the on the menu) shows who is watching either by email or via a RSS feed.

Why are next and previous comments jumping all over the place

Have you changed the order you view comments in? Choose on the menu to see and set what order your comments are being displayed in. The current setting is in bold type.

I put a comment in the wrong place

Just click and drag the marker for a comment to move it around the page (or onto a new page if necessary).

I haven't got a document yet - I just want to invite suggestions for content

You need brainstorming.

I want to let anyone comment on some files

Tick the box in the form to make a project. This will provide a URL which you can publish to the world. Contributors still have to log in, but do not have to be assigned explicitly to the project.

Can I email documents to you rather than logging in and uploading?

Yes. You can email attachments (or indeed just plain text) direct to any folder you have access to using the address N@ensembling.com, where N is the number of the folder as in its URL. You can also make a dead letterbox which provides an email address for anyone to send to.

I want my document to be listed first

You can change the order of items listed in a folder by dragging and dropping (if you are a contributor).

I want folder contents listed alphabetically/oldest first etc.

See (on the menu).

Why can't I drag a document to re-order it?

You may be viewing the folder in alphabetic or date order: see (on the menu). Also you must be at least a contributor to re-order folder contents.

What are the magic numbers in the subject line of emails I get from you?

They identify the project and document that the email refers to. They are there so that if you sort your emails by subject all those messages relating to that project and document are grouped together. You can also use the prefix "[Ensembling]" to filter messages, and messages also carry a hidden code which groups messages properly when viewed by thread.

Can I get updates tweeted to me?

Yes and no. Twitter isn't offered directly, but see about watches to see how you can do this.

What's the little yellow triangle in the corner of the first page

This "dog-ear" is for making general comments not related to any specific place on the page. If you click it it does pretty much the same thing as clicking somewhere on the page, except you don't see a proofmark.

My folder full of logos, layouts etc has vanished

A project may have archiving turned on, so that after a few weeks or months of inactivity, folders can be moved to one side. If you have a folder for often-used but rarely changed resources this might be subject to archiving. Project leaders can turn stop a folder being archived using on the menu.

What do you know about me?

We only know what you or your colleagues have provided. See our privacy policy and more about cookies.

I want out

Use on the menu to remove yourself either from an individual project or entirely. Alternatively, follow the link at the bottom of nearly all emails from Ensembling.