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About public access and publishing

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Managers and project leaders can allow people who aren't part of a project to:
For the first two of these you provide them with a URL which Ensembling generates for you and optionally a pass code (to keep unintended recipients away). Dead letterboxes also provide an email address to which attachments (or just plain text) can be sent.
When downloading, they see a public folder which you named and can choose to collect some or all of the files offered.
When uploading, they see a dead letterbox, a form where they can supply the necessary files and say who they are.

Email for project participants

Project participants can email documents to any folder they have access to without any need for it to be made public. Just send to the folder number, as in 1234@ensembling.com.

Email conventions

When emailing to a dead letterbox (or direct to a folder), the following conventions apply:

Organizing emails

When you set up a dead letterbox which receives email, you can opt to have the emails sorted into folders within the dead letterbox folder to aid dealing with them. In effect, this provides an email ticket tracking system. You can:

What happens if messages end up in the wrong thread?

Sometimes people reply to any old email message they have lying around just to get the right email address. That means messages arranged by thread are joined by an irrelevant reply. Simply move the message to the correct folder.
Likewise, if the wrong person is atributed for working on an issue (because they jumped in first with a reply), or you want to reassign the message, just move the cross reference to the other person's folder.

What on earth is a 'dead letterbox'?

Wikipedia may be of help.

I forgot the URL

Click the Published button published
button or Dead Letterbox button dead letterbox button. You can copy and paste it from there or have it sent to you by email.

How can I find out what documents are published?

Use on the menu (top right of the screen).