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Sort and filter comments
order and filter

order and filter
(on the menu) to change which comments you see and in what order. This affects all comments on all documents, but only for you, not your colleagues.
Comments can be flagged to indicate their relevance. Comments which you have already looked at (and haven't changed) are automatically flagged as seen. Other flags you set manually with . You can then choose not to see comments with certain flags at all. Choose which you do want to see by ticking the appropriate boxes.
[all] and [none] are simply short cuts for ticking and un-ticking each of the boxes.
You can also use the flags on comments to influence which order they are displayed in, among other factors such as who made the comments and when. Choose the order
top-to-bottomwork through comments page by page and from top to bottom of each page as they appear in the file (current setting)
modifiedall changed or unseen comments first, then important, seen, done and unimportant, each from the top
importanceimportant comments first, then new or changed, seen, done and unimportant, each from the top
dateby date comment added or changed, newest first (you will tend to follow each persons comments backwards this way because most people will tend to work through the file adding comments top-to-bottom, so the most recent comments will tend to be later in the file)
personcomments grouped by each person in turn, each person's comments in the order they appear in the file
new personall new comments comments grouped by person making them, then the remainder, in order through the file