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What's new?

25 January 2023

Superseding scaled/rotated versions

Mp>When you supersede one version over another and the first version was scaled or some or all of its pages were rotated, the same scaling and rotation is also now applied to the new version. This saves having to re-apply these each time you supersede.

PDF previews

Ensembling now uses a different PDF tool for producing page images (known as rendering). If you notice any problems, please use the Feedback button, top right, to let us know.
Most formatted text documents, including Word and LibreOffice, produce a PDF first, so this affects most documents except images.
We had encountered a number of documents where GhostScript, the previous renderer, was producing incorrect output, such as wrongly coloured text and strange geometric aretfacts.
Additionally, Ensembling recently moved to a new server with more processors. This PDF renderer change takes advantage of the additional power to produce the separate page images of multi-page PDFs in parallel. This means multi-page PDFs can be processed up to three times faster.

Older updates

See Previous updates for older update information.