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What's new?

11 November 2021

Markdown files

Ensembling now understands and previews Markdown files with a .md suffix when uploaded in the usual way.
Markdown is a simple syntax applied to plain text which expresses basic formatting such as headings, paragraphs, bold and italic, bulleted lists, links etc.
See more about markdown in the context of Ensembling

11 November 2021

Security hardening

Changes made to include recent web security controls. While you shouldn't notice any difference, this has required quite a few code changes. So if anything isn't now working as expected, please send feedback (top right).

3 November 2021

Preview links

Use to obtain a link to a document, folder or project that is suitable for posting to social media and similar (like Slack) which can produce small summary panels of a page when links are posted to them.
Note this will expose some of the content to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to see the page. Though smaller than most pages, the preview image is larger than a thumbnail, so text in it may be readable.
People following the link from the third-party still need to log in to access the full document or folder.

Older updates

See Previous updates for older update information.