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About Watches and feeds

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You can watch for changes to a document or folder using (on the menu). Every so often, you will be sent an email summarising all the changes made since the last time.
Incidentally, you can also see the changes that have been made using (on the menu).

I want to see absolutely everything

If you put a watch on the project folder at the top, you can monitor changes everywhere in that project.
When you watch for changes to a folder you get to see changes to the folder itself, for example if its name is changed or if a new document is added to it. You also see changes to any documents in that folder: new comments, new versions and so on. You also get to see changes to any folders in the folder you are watching and any folders within those and so on.

I want to see less and not so often

offers various options to control how often you are emailed, only see specific kinds of changes, whether you see changes you make or not and whether you see an accumulated list of changes or just the ones since the last email.

How do I know what I'm watching?

Documents and folders you are watching show the green Watching button watching button next to their names. Click the button to see the watch details for the folder or document on display, like how often changes are checked for.
Also, you can list all the folders and documents you are watching using and then .

How do I turn it off?

Visit the page for the folder or document being watched. Click on the Watching button watching button next to the name of the document or folder, and choose Stop watching.

Where are the emails sent to?

They go to your main email address. Choose on the menu to see what this is (and to change it). If we know about more than one email address for you, it is possible this may not actually be the address you used to log in, but it will be the address which permits you to use the project which the document or folder you want to watch is part of.

Do I have to use email?

No, each page has a RSS feed which you can subscribe to in your favourite aggregator. If that is the browser itself, just click the RSS icon in the address bar. Or the feed link is displayed on the form to copy from.
You can also see the changes that have been made using (on the menu).

How can I tell who else is watching?

The form shows who is watching.

Can I get updates tweeted to me?

Twitter isn't offered directly as an alternative to watches and feeds because Twitter is a public forum and the documents within Ensembling are considered private.
Yes, in principle we could send you private twitter messages, but Twitter imposes a fairly low limit on how many of these can be sent, so when there are quite a few colleagues working in a project this would quickly run out. However, when the material isn't sensitive, you can always use one of the feed to Twitter gateways, such as twitterfeed. Do bear in mind though that in doing this you are broadcasting your colleague's information to the world.