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About versions

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Each document stores multiple versions of a file (occasionally none).
When you visit a document you usually see the newest version. It will tell you this to the right of the document name: 'Version N (newest)'. Hover over the icon showing the kind of file and it will tell you the actual file name. It also says who uploaded it and when. Hover over the initials to see the person's full name.

How do to get so see a previous version?

To see older versions (and their comments), click on (on the menu) to get a list of them, and click on the one you want. When you look at an older version, it will show 'Version N of M' to the right of the document name, in red to remind you this isn't the most recent. Every version has its unique URL, so sometimes you might see a particular older version by following a URL someone has quoted. Click
show newest
to get back to the most recent version.
When a document has no versions at all, it will say 'no versions yet' and offer to .

How do I add a revised version?

Firstly, while gives you a copy of the version of the document you are looking at, use instead if you propose to make changes. This avoids editing conflicts with other people by warning of clashes.
To replace the newest version with a new file, click on next to the version number information. To do this you must be looking at the newest version: if not, choose
show newest
It is possible to add a new version which is derived by making changes from an older version rather than the most recent. This in effect abandons any changes in between. There are occasions when you may need to do that. However, you will be warned both when you (or ) the file and also when you use .
This can also happen when someone else changes the newest version while you are working on it. If you chose before starting work, then the other person will have to have choosen to ignore the warning they get and if they do this you will be sent an email so you get advanced warning. Even if you failed to though, you will be told about this when you .

What happens if I set a deadline?

You can set or clear a deadline using for comments on the newest version of a document. This is displayed under the version number with increasing vehemence as the deadline approaches and anyone trying to make a comment after the deadline will be warned.