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Re-order folder contents

Folder contents are usually presented most recent first. You can change this by manually re-ordering folder contents. This applies to everyone looking at the folder - therefore only contributors can do this.
To change where an item - folder or document - appears among the contents of a folder
If you just click on a thumbnail without dragging, you will just open that folder or document.
You can also change the order in which only you see the contents, alphabetically or by date, using (on the menu).

Moving an item to a new folder

If you drag a thumbnail over the name of a folder rather than its thumbnail a large arrow will appear indicating that if you then release the button the item you are dragging will be deposited in that folder.
The target folder can be either
Notice that you cannot move an item to the top level folder.

Moving items using selection

If you can't see the folder you want to move an item to, you can it, visit the page for the folder you want to move to, and choose on the