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About invitiations

You will often want to invite people to look at a document you have added. While you can do this just by sending them an email yourself, it is better to have Ensembling do it for you. That way,
  1. the link sent includes an automatic login, so they can by-pass logging in
  2. the email goes to people actually assigned to the project: if you accidentally send it to someone else they won't be able to see it
  3. it's easier
  4. they get to see a thumbnail of the first page
To send an invitation when adding a new document (or new version) simply tick/check the box provided on the or form.
For an existing document, send colleagues an invitiation, using on the menu.

Unique URL

Each folder and document (and indeed version of a document) has its own URL. You can just copy the URL from the address bar of your browser when you are looking at it, and paste that into an email, Word document etc. You can also find and copy URLs on the panel (on the menu).

Comment URLs

Each set of comments also has its own unique URL. This means you can direct colleagues attention to a particular part of a file. You can discover this URL using on the menu.
They are also linked from watch emails and (on the menu)

Requesting access

Only colleagues permitted to use the project can follow a URL you send yourself. If you want to make a document public, you need to publish it.
If someone not assigned to the project does follow a URL they can't access, they will see a message which allows them to press a button to send a message to the project manager(s) requesting access.