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Delete folder/document/version

recover undelete mistake recycle retrieve undo
on the menu to remove:
Unless you tick the box to permanently delete the item, it will be moved to the Deleted Items folder, from where it can be recovered for a few days after deletion.
If you delete something which is already in the Deleted Items folder, it will be deleted permanently.
Because versions always have to be part of a document, if you delete a version a new document will be made to hold it in the Deleted Items folder. Remaining versions will also be renumbered as necessary.

I deleted something by accident. Where's the Undo? How do I undelete?

To recover - un-delete - a project, folder, document, or version:
Provided the original location (project, folder or document) has not itself been deleted, visit the deleted items folder (Choose from the menu), click the deleted item, and press the button. This puts it back where it was before it was deleted.
Alternatively, if the original location no longer exists, you can put a deleted item somewhere else in order to un-delete it:
You can also recover just one or some individual items from within a deleted folder like this.

Can't recover permanent deletions

If you permanently deleted the item, or the item has been purged from the Deleted Items folder, it is not possible to recover it, sorry.

I don't want to undelete it, I just want the file

Providing the item hasn't been purged, go to the item in the Deleted Items folder as above, and download as usual.
In extreme cases, it may be possible to retrieve permanently deleted files from backups. You need to contact the Administrator using .