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Remove yourself
remove me

You can remove your details from Ensembling or from a particular project.

What gets removed?

Any documents or comments you added are not removed. But if you are removing yourself completely, your name will no longer show up against them.
If you made a test project, you could delete that separately, or indeed other documents, but bear in mind your other colleagues requirements. You can only delete comments separately if no replies have been made to them (otherwise the context of any conversation is lost).
Complete removal will expunge any reference to your name, password or email address - except that system log files and backups, inaccessible to ordinary users, may include this information historically.
Removal from a project will stop you receiving more emails about it, but your historical involvement remains visible.

I can only see 'remove me completely'

You have to be in one of the folders or documents for a project to remove yourself from it. If you are at the top level, you won't see the option to remove yourself from a project.

My email address has changed

No need to remove yourself and add again, just change your email address by using on the menu.