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move selection here

move put document folder
You can move documents and folders by dragging and dropping them or using selection.
To use selection to move one or more folder (including all constituent folders and documents) or document (including all its files, versions, comments, deadlines etc)
If you try to do something you shouldn't, for example moving a folder to one of its subordinate folders, the form will show you and give you the opportunity to selectively deselect items without having to go round again.

How come I can't delete / make comments / whatever after moving an item?

If you move an item between projects you may have a different rôle in the target project which doesn't allow you to do the same range of things you could in the original project.

How do I know what's selected?

What's the URL of an item after I move it?

The same as it was before you moved it. People who have a link to your folder or document will still be able to use it (unless it is now in a project that they aren't part of).