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Your colleagues for a project

on the menu to find out who your colleagues are and what their rôle is. Your colleagues and their rôles differ between different projects you may be assigned to.

How do I contact a colleague?

Your colleagues email addresses are linked, so you can click on an address to send an email (subject to the email program you use on your computer)

How do I add colleagues?

Only project leaders and managers can add new people to a project.
To add colleagues, choose , also on the menu, or at the top of this form.

Who can do what?

Consult the list of who can do what.

How do I promote or demote colleagues?

Only project leaders and managers change people's rôles.
To promote or demote colleagues click on the pencil icon against their existing rôole and choose the new rôle from the menu.
To avoid the possibility of locking yourself out of a project completely, even project leaders cannot change their own rôle. If you need to do this, add a new project manager and have them change your rôole.

How do I remove a colleague?

Only project leaders and managers can remove people from a project.
Click the pencil icon against their rôle and choose (remove) at the end of the menu.

I want to assign all these people to another project as well

Click [show list] in the email column header. Then copy the email addresses and paste them into the 'bulk' tab of the form for the other project. We already know their names, so email addresses alone are sufficient. Edit out anyone who is already assigned to the other project - especially yourself.