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About projects

Projects collect together the documents that eventually make up a publication or series of publications. They also determine the group of people who work together - your colleagues.
Only people assigned to a project can see the contents of that project, except for documents which are explicitly published: or for projects that are made available to anyone: .

Making a project

To make a new project, click in the home folder. While only managers and project leaders can do this, anyone can instead
make a trial project
You will then need to (on the menu).

Projects are folders

Projects are folders at the top level of the hierarchy of folders. While contributors can add to folders within a project including the project folder itself, only someone who is a manager in some other project can add new project folders and thereby make a new project.
The manager can then assign colleagues to work on the project using on the menu (or the form). If the manager assigns a project leader, that person can also assign new colleagues to the project: the manager is delegating this function.

Projects available to anyone

Instead of (or as well as) adding colleagues to the project you can also tick the box on that page for 'allow anyone who follows a link to the project folder to participate'. This will offer you a URL which can be circulated in an invitation, by email or on a web page or blog for example. People still have to log in and identify themselves, but you do not have to add each person explicitly to the project.