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About colleagues and rôles

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Projects determine the group of people who work together. For any one project these are your colleagues. You might be working on different projects with different colleagues.

What are rôles?

Colleagues have differing rôles as you would expect within a document preparation environment. Some people do the proof reading while others deal with page layout or sub-editing. Even if you are participating in several projects, you may be an editor for one project but a proof reader in another. Your rôle determines what facilities Ensembling presents to you.
ViewerCan only look at contents (and comments)
Proof readerCan also make comments
ContributorCan add items and review and make comments on them
EditorCan also change the status of comments
Project leaderCan also grant users access to a project in one of these rôles
ManagerCan also start new projects
AdministratorCan do anything, in particular assign Managers
For more specific information, see Who can do what?

Who are my colleagues?

You can find out who your colleagues are and what rôles they have by clicking on (on the menu) at the top of the window.

How do I add new colleagues?

Project leaders can also add new colleagues by clicking (on the menu or the form).
Rôles can be changed by clicking on the pencil icon next to the person's rôle. If you are not a project leader, you can find out who is on this form.

How can I get in touch with a colleague?

Email addresses are displayed on the colleagues form (though people can choose to withhold their email addresses except from project leaders). You can click on one of the email addresses to send them a message.