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About documents

Documents are like files on your computer, except that:

Where do documents live?

Documents live in folders. The idea is that documents go towards making a final product. An article (folder) for example may have words, pictures and composites such as InDesign files and PDFs bringing the other pieces together. An article is therefore not a file but an evolving set of files in a common folder of documents.
Add a document to a folder with . You don’t necessarily have to provide a file for it straight away (though you often will) - you can set up the structure of your publication first and add files later if you want. When you do include a file you'll see images of the pages (if it is a file we understand). The snapshots of the pages of the takes some time to be processed after the file has been uploaded, so will not appear right away.

Making comments

The main reason for having a document is to make comments on it:

Other things to do to documents

(click button for more info)
to do this
on the
menu, to move a document to another folder
Copy the file you are looking at (which may, sometimes, be an older version) to your computer.
Say that you are about to make changes to the file (to avoid clashes). This also offers to download the file if you don't already have a copy.
Upload a new version of a document.
select the document - that is, to remember it in a special selected items folder which you can see using and then 'selected items'. Use selections to gather together items for bulk download and to move them from one folder to another.
bookmark the document - that is, to remember it in a special bookmarked items folder which you can see using and then 'bookmarked items'.
start or cancel a watch, that is to be sent an email when anything in the document changes (e.g. a new comment is added).
vote for a document, when a vote has been called.
(on the manage menu...)
be reminded about this document for some time in the future
set a deadline for making comments on the document.
unzip a zip file into its component folders and documents.
rotate the document display (doesn't affect the original).
enlarge or reduce the document display.
regenerate the display (managers only).
rename a document.
Add descriptive introduction about a document to change existing note)
rename a document.
remove a document and all its contents including all versions and any comments.
Indicate that work on the document is complete and no more changes are allowed.
Make the newest version of the document available externally via a special URL.
(on the view menu...)
Information about and gleaned from the original file.
Get the words in the file.
Download a PDF version of the original file also containing comments.
Let colleagues know about the document (you can also do this when you first add the document).
Summarise in a list all the comments on the version of the document you are looking at.
(When there is more than one) list all the versions of the document you are looking at. Click on one of the versions to display it.
List all the changes people have made to the document.

What kind of files can I store?

Any kind. However, to see page images for them, they need to be as follows:
Zip files can also be unzipped.