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Set reminder

alarm alarms reminder todo pushover
You can set a reminder for a document or folder using on the menu.
A reminder can be just for you, or set to remind all or some of your colleagues.

What happens when an alarm goes off?

Set the alarm to do any of the following when the time you gave for the alarm arrives:

What's the expiry time for?

An alarm is likely to be irrelevant if someone sees it a long time after it has gone off.
Therefore you can allow the reminder to expire. If someone only vists the item after that period, they will not see the alarm.

How do I cancel an alarm?

When an alarm goes off, you go to that document and either snooze for a while or cancel the alarm by clicking the flashing indicator.
Where an alarm is for everyone, or you want to cancel the alarm prematurely, you can cancel the alarm completely from the form. This will also stop any emails from being sent.

How do I know what reminders are set?

Locate all items with pending alarms using on the menu.

What's Pushover?

Pushover is a service for sending notifications to devices like phones and tablets. You can create a Pushover account free, and this provides you with a cryptic identifier you have to give to us in order for us to send notifications to you. However, to receieve notifications you have to purchase the Pushover app for your device.