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on the menu to adjust the size of page previews for a version of a document.
Pages are normally shown at actual size (plus or minus a bit depending on the resolution of your monitor). Small text may sometimes be difficult to read because a computer monitor has a much lower resolution than printed matter. So enlarging the preview images allows you to see more detail. This makes the page images bigger and therefore longer to download and display and will usually require you to use the horizontal scroll bar to see all of the page.
Where your document contains abnormally large pages, you can scale the preview down, at the expense of loss of detail. However this makes the pages more manageable - especially if you are dealing with something like a large poster without a lot of detail.
This only changes the size of the image in Ensembling. It does not affect the original file. If you want to change the original size of a picture (that is, the file you get when you download) you can make a reformatted version using and the 'reformat' tab.