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Set, change or clear deadlines
set deadline
change deadline

set deadline
on the menu to set deadlines for making comments the newest version of one or more documents. Use
change deadline
to change a deadline.
You can also set a deadline when you first upload a file using or when you one version with another.
Choose the time of for the deadline on the first menu and the day on the second.

How do I remove a deadline altogether?

Just leave the date and time blank.

I want to set the same deadline on several documents

What if I leave one of the menus blank?

A blank time is interpreted to mean 'at the end of the day', i.e. midnight.
A blank day is interpreted to mean 'today' – so take care to choose a time later today as you can't set deadlines already passed.

What is the significance of setting a deadline?

A deadline does not stop someone making a comment. Setting a deadline does two things:
An approaching deadline is also included in any watch emails and you can list all forthcoming deadlines using and choosing 'pending deadlines'.

Time zones

Colleagues may be working in different locations and therefore time zones. You can say which time zone you are in using on the menu.
When you set a deadline, you are doing so relative to your own time zone. That deadline will be the same absolute time for everyone, so for some people your convenient 5pm end may be in the middle of their night. That may be inconvenient but unavoidable.
People in time zones different to you will see the deadline posted in their own local time when they look at the page. They will see the yellow and green flashes saying "due today" and "due tomorrow" at different times from you (because their days are different from yours), but the deadline will always end at the same time for everyone.
The appropaching deadline indication is set at midnight relative to the person who set it. Therefore people in different time zones may get reminders earlier or later in their day.