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File information
file info

To find out information about the file associated with the version of the document you are looking at:
What is shown depends on what kind of file it is.
The name of the file as originally uploaded is shown in the headline and its URLs underneath.

Summary information

For all files you'll then see:

Word counts

Then for text files the number of words is shown (including any in headers and footers etc), both for the file as a whole and each page individually. Note: you can also get word counts for groups of files with an aggregate total using .

EXIF data

For images containing so-called EXIF data, that is shown. This typically includes camera settings, when the picture was taken as well as the dimensions of the picture.

Other metadata

Finally, any other "metadata" that can be extracted is shown. This may contain the software and version used to make the file, the author, creation date, protection information and so on.