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List of versions of a document

As comments are made and acted on, one version of a document can supersede another. Usally you will be looking at the newest version of a document but there are occasions when you may need to refer to a previous version and any comments made about it.
To do this, choose
on the menu. This shows you a numbered list of versions and who made them and when, from which you can choose the one you want to look at.
If you are not looking at the most recent version of a document, this is indicated with the version number in red, for example Version 3 of 5.
To return to the newest version, choose
show newest
against that caption.
Notice that the file names of each version need not be the same as the document name which gathers them together, or indeed as each other. The file names are explicitly shown in the list of versions, but you can also see the file name for the version you are looking at by hovering over the version number caption.