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Watching a folder/document

You can watch for changes to a document or folder using on the menu. When you turn a watch on, every so often you will be sent an email summarising all the changes made since the last time. Or if you choose the RSS feed option (see below) you can obtain a link for your feed aggregator to keep track of changes instead.
Changes to a folder include changes to the folder itself, to any documents in that folder and changes to any folders in the folder you are watching and any folders within those and so on.

What information can I get?

You have three choices:

How often am I emailed?

You choose from the intervals offered. However, you won't be sent an email if there aren't any changes (or any of the changes you have expressed interest in).

I don't want to know about everything

Choose Only some events. This will reveal a list of the available events which you can select from. [all] and [none] are just short cuts for ticking or unticking all of the boxes.
You have to choose at least one kind of event to watch for.

What order are changes shown in?

You can choose most recent first (in the order they were made) or last (reverse order), and if you are asking for accumulative or all changes, you can put changes you have already seen at the bottom even when you're reviewing older changes first.

I don't want to get an email every time I make a change!

You won't unless you say otherwise. For changes you make, you can choose to be emailed

How do I turn it off?

Visit the page for the folder or document being watched. Click on the Watching indicator watching indicator next to the name of the document or folder, and choose Stop watching.
You can also make changes to the watch conditions and see when the next check is due (when you will next be sent an email if there are any relevant changes to tell you about).

How do I know what I'm watching?

Documents and folders you are watching show the Watching indicator watching indicator next to their names. Click the indicator to see the watch details for the folder or document on display, like how often changes are checked for.
Also, you can list all the folders and documents you are watching using on the menu.

How can I tell who else is watching?

Tbe form (on the menu) shows who is watching.

What's all this RSS feed business?

A RSS feed is a way of monitoring web pages for changes. You supply a special link to an 'aggregator' which then monitors the page for you. Because each page here represents a document or a folder and each has its own RSS link, you can use this method to watch for changes instead of receiving email (though some aggregators can also send you email anyway).
Unlike most public feeds, the link you obtain for a page is personal to you. Please don't publish it or forward it. To maintain the project's privacy, it contains some cryptic text to prevent outsiders guessing the feed address while not needing the aggregator to know a password to to log in.
There are many feed aggregators. You probably already have at least one.
If you choose the RSS feed option, you'll get the relevant link when you click OK. Most browsers (not Google Chrome, unless you install and add on) also show a RSS icon in the tool bar or address bar which provides the same link.