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About getting files in and out

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Quick summary:

Getting a file in

Successive versions of a file are stored in a document within a hierarchy of folders.
So a file will be added in the first instance by adding a new document to a folder with . That form lets you choose the file(s) on your computer to upload, or to edit some text directly.
Actually, you can make a document without any files to start with (using the 'blank' tab on the form). In that case you can add the first version of the file later, using where it says no files yet.
Project participants can also email documents as attachments to any folder they have access to. Just use the number of the folder, as shown in the address box, as the email address. For example, 4321@ensembling.com.

Getting a file out again

Once a file is safely stored, you can get it out again using .

I want to get an older version out

You need to find it first:

Use [edit] before making changes!

When you (or someone else) comes to revise a document, say in response to comments about it, you will need the file to work on. You may have a copy still on your computer, which is fine. Or you may plan to edit formatted text directly. Even so, before making any changes, use to Make a note or edit here respectively to say that that is what you are doing. That means if someone else tries to make changes also, you both get to know about it. Otherwise you may find someone else has made a more recent version when you come to add yours and you would have to spend more time merging their changes into your copy. You might also not find out about comments made after you last looked at what comments were there.
If you don't still have a copy of the file, or you are not the original author, or someone else has made changes in the meantime, you will need to download it. However, don't use to do this: use instead, then people know you are making changes.

Uploading a new version

From you can then either

Someone outside has a file they want to send me

Rather than send it to you and have you upload it, invited visitors (or anyone, if you allow it) can upload files into a designated folder, using (on the menu). You send them a link, or link to the page from somewhere else. When they go there they provide the file and say who they are and so on. Project leaders will be notified by email when a file is submitted this way.
Dead letterboxes also have associated email addresses. Documents can be emailed to the folder's email address as attachments.

I want to send a file to someone outside

You can either: