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Send file(s) as email attachment(s)
send by email

attach attachment attachments email
send by email
on the menu to send an email to any email address with the content you are looking at attached to it. The recipients do not need to visit the website or have an account with Ensembling to get the files, but they are, of course, copies and third-parties don't have any means to make comments.
For documents, the most recent version of the document is sent.
For folders, the most recent versions of all the documents directly in the folder are sent. Documents in any sub-folders are not included.

I only want a few files

To send several, but not all, files in a folder, or to send mutliple files from different folders
You can also do this for any search result or your bookmarked files.

How much can I send?

You can only send up to 10MB by this method, and you are given a warning when over 5MB. This is not particularly a limitation of Ensembling but reflects typical limits on recipients email. While some email systems, such as GMail, can accept mails up to 20MB, others are limited to as little as 2MB. Also, because emails are encoded, they are quite a bit larger than the sum of the attachment sizes.
There number of emails sent is also tightly restricted to prevent Ensembling being used as a source of spam.