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Why may my comment be too late?

Something has happened which means your proposed comment may be disregarded.

Someone's already editing the file

One of your colleagues has started making changes to the file you are commenting on, so they will already have reviewed the comments that have been made about it. So unless their attention is drawn to them, they may supersede the version you are looking at without seeing your comments.

It's not the most recent version

It is rarely appropriate to make comments on a version of a file which has already been replaced.
It is possible that you didn't know it had been superseded, in which case you should look at the now newer version and contact the person responsible (shown next to the version number).

The deadline for comments has passed

A deadline for making comments was set for this file and you have missed it.

What can I do about it?

You probably need to talk to your colleagues. Their email addresses are available on the form (on the menu).
Or, you could wait until the version being worked on supersedes the version you are looking at and then make your comments on that one, if they are still relevant. You can get to know when this happens by setting a watch on the document.