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About logging in

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Log in using your email address to identify you.
If you leave the password blank, we'll send an email to you to confirm the email address belongs to you. You might do this

Using key/biometric login

Got one of these?...

Yubico 2 Security Key

If you have something that works with Web Authentication (Webauthn) such as the Yubico 2 security key or a Google Trident key (available Autim 2018), or a comaptible fingerprint or other biometric reader, you can now log in to Ensembling using the key instead of a password.
To set this up click on the key/biometric button shown when you log in for the first time, or for existing users, log in another way then click on your name, or
in the top right corner and click the key/biometric button.

Using OpenID

OpenID is a way for you to use your login on one site that supports it on another, that is Ensembling. Unfortunately most of the big providers no longer provide this directly, but it is here so that people who were using it with a smaller provider can continue to do so.

By invitation

A project leader may invite you by email to join a project. Such invitations contain a link which can be used once only. Once you are logged in using that link, you can provide a password as above so you can log in directly in the future.

I don't see anything much when I log in

Anyone can log in. But you have to be assigned to one or more projects by your project manager or have followed a link to a project open to anyone to do and see anything useful.
If you think they've already done that, check that you are using the same email address to log in with as they assigned you to the project with.

Staying logged in

You can stay logged in on your computer by clicking on my details on the settings menu, and ticking the box for this.
If your provider regularly changes your computer IP address (or your network's external IP address if you use a router) this will not work for you, as that's partly what 'your computer' means.
If you don't use Ensembling for the number of days indicated on the form, you will need to log in again. The information about your login is stored in a cookie on your computer. Cookies are part of your browser, so if you delete your cookies or switch to a different browser, you will also need to log in again.