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add new colleagues

user add new
add new colleagues
on the menu or on the form to add new colleagues to a project.
Only project leaders and managers can add new colleagues.
Your colleagues differ from project to project, so what you put in this form only applies to the project you are working in.
Using the appropriate tab, you can
An email address uniquely identifies someone; their name is helpful to other colleagues.
All colleagues added at one go are assigned the same rôle, though you can change them immediately afterwards using the form.

Who can do what?

Consult the list of who can do what.

How do I remove a colleague or promote or demote them?

Use the form. Click the pencil icon and either choose the new rôle or (remove) at the end of the menu to remove them.

Making a project available to anyone

If you tick the box to 'allow anyone who follows a link to the project folder to participate' in the 'anyone' tab you will be provided with a URL which you can circulate by email or publish on a web page or blog etc. People still have to log in and identify themselves, but you do not have to add each person explicitly to the project.
You can also add users explicitly to such projects. This is useful if you want to send an invitation, which doesn't then require them to log in.