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About Reminders

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You can set a reminder for a document or folder using (on the menu).
A reminder can be just for you, or set to remind all or some of your colleagues.
An alarm goes off when the time you gave for the reminder is reached. If you asked for them, emails are sent out at this point, and an alarm indicator alarm is shown at the top of every page (next to your name), which will show all alarms that have gone off if you click it.

How do I know a reminder is set?

A pending alarm is shown as a non-flashing indicator alongside the document or folder name.
Locate all items with pending alarms using on the menu.

How do I cancel an alarm?

When an alarm goes off, you go to that document and either snooze for a while or cancel the alarm by clicking the flashing indicator.
Where an alarm is for everyone, or you want to cancel the alarm prematurely, you can cancel the alarm completely from the form.

Time zones

Colleagues may be working in different locations and therefore time zones. You can say which time zone you are in using on the menu.
When you set a reminder, you are doing so relative to your own time zone. That will be the same absolute time for everyone, so for some people your convenient 5pm may be in the middle of their night. That may be inconvenient but unavoidable.
People in time zones different to you will see the time posted in their own local time when they look at the page or get emails about it.