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Voting on folder contents

When you have a number of candidate documents to choose between you can ask your colleagues to vote for their preference. For example, you may want to decide which of a number of possible cover photographs to choose for a publication.
A vote takes place on all the documents in a folder. (Any other folders within that folder are ignored, as are their contents. They don't take part in the vote). So to start, put all the documents you want to consider in a folder. You might make one for the purpose, but very often this is what you would do whether or not you are voting.
Then choose
on the menu. Only editors can start a vote.

Two kinds of vote

You can offer each colleague:

Deadlines and emails

When setting up a vote, you can:

How do I get the results?

You can see the results of a vote, either while it is in progress or afterwards, by going to
While a vote is on progress in a folder, a green indicator voting indicator is displayed next to the folder name. You can also click this to see the interim results. However that will disappear when the vote is over, so you will need to use the menu to see the final results.
Votes are also recorded in a document's history so you can watch for them (by email or feed), or from (on the
menu). Votes cast are also listed with the document name at the top of a page and against each document in the folder.