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Did you know...?

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Here's a few pointers to things you may not know you can do with Ensembling.

Reposition a comment

Just press and drag the red proofmark (or either bracket, for comments spanning an area) to reposition a comment.

Reorder contents of a folder

Just drag the thumbnail for a document or folder to its desired position in the folder. Note that this changes the folder for everyone, not just how you see it.

Like a slideshow

The previous item and next item buttons to the right of the list of ancestor folders let you step through the contents of the immediate parent folder rather than having to go up to the parent and then down to the next document. This is particularly useful for a folder full of pictures.

Brainstorm ideas

using plain text or formatted text and tick (check) the brainstorm box and you get a doucment where the text of comments is displayed on the page as well as the comment box. Like a whiteboard, this is useful for collating ideas for soliciting things like agenda items, shopping lists and content ideas. More about brainstorming.

Email a document to any folder

Project participants can email documents as attachments to any folder they have access to. Use the number of the folder as the email address: for example if the folder page is https://www.ensembling.com/4321 then the email address is 4321@ensembling.com. See about publishing for conventions that allow you to do even more with email.

Get word counts for all documents in a folder

If you choose when viewing a folder, as well as getting a list of all the comments made on documents in the folder (and sub-folders) word counts for each document are listed.

Convert to PDF

All text documents (not pictures, yet) are converted to PDF before being displayed. You can get the PDF file using the
button. The main purpose of this is to collate comments in PDF style, but it works just as well to get the PDF on its own.

Put a document in more than one folder

Well, almost. If you a document you can then use (on the
menu) either to move the document or create a cross reference to it. This is similar to Window's shortcuts and Unix's soft links.

Be sent an email to remind you

Set a reminder on a document or folder to be reminded about it some time in the future.

It's an issue tracking system

You can have emails coming in to dead letterboxes (folders set up to receive emailed or externally uploaded content) organized automatically by thread/conversation and the colleagues dealing with them. Just by checking/ticking the boxes in incoming emails are sorted for you providing a way of tracking them very like a trouble/issue ticket tracking system.

You can change image sizes and formats

Uploaded an image which is way too big for the purpose? You can an image with a resized version of itself and/or change its format. Just choose the 'reformat' tab. Because this makes a new version, the original is still there as an older version if you need it. (This is not the same as which just changes the size of preview images).