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voting indicator

About Voting

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A vote can be called by an editor for project participants to say which of the documents in a folder they prefer.
For example, you've got three pictures which are candidates for the cover of your next publication. You can invite people to choose which is their preference to inform your decision.


Set up voting on a folder but vote on an individual document.

Starting a vote

To initiate a vote use (on the menu) for the folder containing the documents you want to decide between. You can allow people to have only one choice or express a preference for several. You can say when the vote is to end (or leave it as open-ended), and you can have email sent to everyone to let them know about the vote.
Voting applies only to the documents within the folder it is applied to, not in any sub-folders.
You can see that

How do people actually vote?

Once a vote has been called for a folder, each document in that folder (not in any sub-folders) has a button added to the menu.
If they only have one vote each, then pressing the button votes for that document (which then changes to so they can change their mind.
But if they have more than one vote, this is a menu of choices so they can express a preference (strong or not) for or against the document.

How's the vote going?

Once a vote has been called, choose again (or press the voting indicator indicator) to see the current score and who has voted for what. You can also stop the vote (early, if you gave it a deadline) from this panel (and once stopped, restart voting again with a new deadline, or cancel it completely).
Though only editors can initiate a vote, anyone can see the results by pressing the indicator button.

What happens when the voting is over?

Once the deadline is reached or you stop the vote manually, the buttons are removed. You can see the final tally in the form.
You have the option to re-open voting at that stage, but if you want to start an entirely new vote from scratch in that folder you have to press the delete vote button on the form.

I forgot how I voted

As well as the aggregate votes in , when you look at a folder which has a vote in progress the number of votes cast for each document is show aongside the thumbnail, and of those votes how many are yours.