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cross reference

About Cross References

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While a document or folder can only belong in any one folder in one project, you can make a cross reference to a folder or document in some other folder. This means you can group documents and folders together in more than one folder for different purposes.
A cross reference is very similar to what Microsoft Windows calls a short cut, Mac OS calls an alias and Unix/Linux calls a soft link.

What does a cross reference look like?

When you are looking at a folder, it looks like any other item in that folder, except that it has an arrow next to the name, cross reference. When you click on it you are taken to the original document or folder.

Why would I want one?

You can group items according to their purpose. When items have more than one purpose, you can use cross references to put them in more than one folder at once, in effect. A personal example of this is to have a folder (or personal project) of frequently used items or current work in progress.

So how do I make a cross reference?

Can I cross reference a document in one project in a folder in another project?

Yes, you can. However, colleagues in the project containing the cross references who do not also have privileges in the project containing the referenced document (or folder) will not be able to see it. Similarly, any privileges they do have to work on the referenced document will be those from the project containing that document not the project containing the cross reference.

If I delete a folder containing cross references, will the referenced documents and folders also be deleted?


How do I delete a cross reference?

You cannot delete the cross reference when you are looking at the referenced document or folder directly, only from the folder in which the cross reference appears. If you delete a folder containing cross references (directly or indirectly) only the cross references are deleted, not the original items they refer to.

What happens to a cross reference if I delete the referenced item?

The cross reference is deleted also. (This is not how short cuts in Windows and soft links in Unix behave).

What happens to a cross reference if I move the referenced item?

The cross reference still refers correctly to the moved item in its new location. However, if the item was moved to a different project and some users in the project containing the cross reference do not belong to the new project, they will no longer be able to see the cross reference (and vice-versa) as mentioned above.

What happens if I use the 'put' menu when I have a cross reference selected?

If you use the option on the
menu, any selected cross references will be moved to the new location. The referenced items will not be affected.
If you use the
make cross references
option, you will get another cross reference to each referenced item, not cross references to cross references.