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Flag comments -

tick check checkmark bell thumbs done
A comment flag is displayed on the yellow tab at the top of a set of comments. It provides you with a personal aide memoir avoiding the need to look through all the comments repeatedly to find those of interest.
So, for example, if you are incorporating comments into a new revision, you can mark each as done so you know you've dealt with it.
Comment flags are your personal record. Everyone has their own individual set of flags - the comments they have done are obviously not the same as those you have dealt with.
The seen flag is set automatically when you view a comment (and cleared when anyone makes changes to it). This means it is easy to tell whether you have looked at a comment before.
Comment flags work in conjunction with . Normally comments are displayed top-to-bottom. You can choose instead to put all the already seen comments at the end if you want, or suppress them altogether. Similarly those you explicitly mark done could be put at the end and those marked important at the beginning.
What makes a comment important etc. is up to you. The flags provided are:
(dash or minus) You have viewed the comment at least once. Though this is set automatically, you can also set it explicitly if you want.
(tick) You have dealt with the comment, for example by incorporating it in the next version
(thumbs up) You think the comment has some important significance.
(thumbs down) You don't think the comment is significant.
You can also clear any flag from the comment using the
('new') button (though it will quickly be marked as seen again).

Done quickly

A done button
is also provided on the main menu of each comment for quickly running through each of the comments. When you mark a comment as done in this way, you are also automatically moved on to the next comment.