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About Approvals

rubber stamp approving approve
There's no point in continuing to work on a letter that has already been sent or a brochure that has already been printed. Therefore you can mark a document approved. This prevents further versions being added or comments being made. If you want to, it can also be used as a mechanism for formally signing-off a document for publication or distribution; a reason for approval can be recorded.
To approve a document, click .
If a document is approved in error or circumstances change, the approval can be rescinded, though this can only be done by:
Clicking on the approved indicator approved that shows up next the name of approved documents tells you who approved the document, when and (if they said so) why. If you are one of the above people click OK to rescind the approval. Otherwise, you would need to contact one of them.
You may also want to publish an approved document to make it available externally.
You can list all the approved documents using on the menu.