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Information for visitors who are not assigned to a project
unassigned info

If someone follows a link to an item but are not assigned to the project which that item is part of, then instead they see a message to that effect and an invitation to request assignment.
That message can be enhanced by adding some introductory text to the project using
unassigned info
on the menu.
The information you provide might include some details about what it is for, what assignment to it entails (expectations of participation for example), and who you and your organisation are (so they know who they are talking to).
This needs to be balanced against giving too much information to people who have simply guessed the URL of any item in the project (which is just a number).
Though the text you enter is plain text, any links you provide (starting http:// or https://) will be clickable. In particular, if a project is available for self-assignment to anyone who knows the link, you could choose to offer that link here for self-assignment. Bear in mind, though, that this makes the link much more prominent so more people may get to see the link than you intended.