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Writing and editing comments

When you click or drag on a page the form to record a comment pops up alongside. There is lots more help about comments in general; this section is specifically about the form you fill in.
Describe your comment in words and/or select a proof mark from the array of buttons at the top of the form to indicate the nature of the comment.
When you're done, click Save.

What are proof marks?

Traditionally proof readers have used various cryptic symbols to write on draft manuscripts and printers' proofs to indicate faults and changes required. Many of the marks we use here are derived from those paper mark up conventions for proof reading, though not all, by any means, and others have been added to reflect the internet age. Most of us will be familiar with insert text for 'insert text'. delete text for 'delete text' is probably less familiar. I agree for 'I agree' is very much an internet idiom.

How do I know what each proofmark means?

Hover over the button and a description is displayed.
When you choose a proof mark, the description of the proof mark is also noted in words at the top of the comment.

I'm still none the wiser

OK, there's a few technical terms in here.

Do I have to use a proof mark?


If I edit an existing comment how do I get rid of the proof mark?

Click on the last, blank button ('no proofmark').

The proofmark is obscuring text on the page

Click on the little eye button toggle proof marks